It’s Just Who We Are: The Burroughs Unveil Their Live Album Sweaty Greeley Soul

Burroughs - Stampede Arena-10

“Everything from the groove that you’re in, to the words that you say, to the melodies you sing is suppose to come from right here,” Johnny Burroughs says using both open faced hands to clutch between his gut and lower rib cage. “If it’s not coming from here, than it’s not soul music.” Continue Reading

Album Review: Currency of Man — Melody Gardot

Melody featured

Philadelphia based singer/songwriter/siren Melody Gardot hasn’t known many times in her life without music. Being raised by two grandparents and a travelling mother, Gardot was rarely in one place for long, so when she began to take piano lessons at the age of nine, the blooming musician finally had something that was hers: music. At 16, she began playing in local bars two nights a week, and in 2003, after being in a near fatal car accident, she coped with excruciating pain by teaching herself to play guitar. Continue Reading

Top Tunes Thursday: Ben Folds — Phone In a Pool / Capable of Anything


It’s been a long time since I was first introduced to the sonorous sounds of Ben Folds, but he’s still making music. This week, Folds released some of the first new material since his 2008 record, Way To Normal, which was followed with a college a-capella record, and a compilation album. The two singles, titled “Phone in a Pool” and “Capable of Anything” instantly remind me of what I found so appealing as a rolly-polly youngster, and what I still find appealing as a, well, rolly-polly not-so-youngster. Continue Reading

Kyle Hollingsworth Band: Q&A With The Man Behind The Cheese

KHB featured

Kyle Hollingsworth is famously known as the keyboardist for The String Cheese Incident and his own “SCide project,” The Kyle Hollingsworth Band. The band was formed in 2007, while SCI took a step back and Hollingsworth fronted his own solo career. He’s been playing music for over 20 years professionally with a Jazz Piano degree from Towson State and along with his free-spirited dedication to music, he is a grand proprietor of beer. The upcoming Kyle Brew Fest in Denver on July 23rd is the official SCI pre-party as well as a chance for fans to indulge in craft beer, enjoy an exclusive performance by the KHB and support the Conscious Alliance- art that feeds. BandWagon caught up with this down to earth creative at his birthday celebration earlier this year to talk skills in music and hops. Continue Reading

Lola Black’s Borracho Bash at Summit Music Hall

BB Header-100

106.7 KBPI and Jagermeister present Lola Black’s Borracho Bash at the Summit Music Hall in Denver. Featuring 21 Taras, In Death and Decay, Soundman Killz, Boo the Ghost, Omniism, Scarlet Canary, Lost Point, A Memory Down and Lola Black. Continue Reading

Cut Chemist of Jurassic 5 ‘The Audience is Listening’

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Anyone who has seen Macfadden on the turntables knows he will be just fine. Last year’s Renegades of Rhythm Tour with DJ Shadow featured albums pulled strictly from Afrika Bambaataa’s collection, which is currently archived at Cornell University. The performance was nothing short of mind-blowing. From the Shaft in Africa soundtrack and Isaac Hayes to Chicago Gangsters and even Jurassic 5 (which Macfadden couldn’t believe Bambaataa had), the magical duo took the audience on a trip through some of the best eras of soul, funk, disco, hip-hop and more. Continue Reading

Top Tunes Thursday: Ezra Furman — Perpetual Motion People


Frenetic and shaky, Furman delivers a parcel of tunes so jam packed of intention it’s hard not to break down in some punk rock convulsion, hunched over your air piano, banging out imaginary chords. While not as feverishly paced as his usual fare, “Lousy Connection,” a lead single, lays the toothy lyrical musings over a groovy doo-wop, shining light on Furman’s sensitive side. Continue Reading